The power of Selena’s fans is astounding. Your overwhelming passion and excitement inspired the creation of M·A·C Selena and is the reason for its sell-out success. This is one of the most sought after collections in M·A·C’s history.

We recognize the great lengths people went to buy M·A·C Selena and we are sorry for those who walked away empty handed. We are happy to share that we are properly restocking the collection for M·A·C stores, all retail partner stores, and our retail partner websites in the US and Canada. The collection will be available again for purchase in early January. We are committed to giving you sufficient notice of specific availability in order to plan for purchase. If you would like receive email when M·A·C Selena is back, please sign up on our waitlist here.
Thank you for your continued passion and your patience.

Selena not only taught us to move, she moved us — let’s keep that rhythm alive!