129S Powder/Blush

For Powders, Full Rounded Shape, Shades Cheeks

₹ 4,100

109S Small Contour

For Powders, Rounded Dome Tip, Contours Face

₹ 3,700

270 Synthetic Mini Rounded Slant Brush

For Cream/Liquid Concealers, Slanted Mini Dome Shape, Helps to Cover Imperfections

₹ 2,400

168S Large Angled Contour

For Powders, Slanted Tip, Contours Cheeks

₹ 3,700

187S Duo Fibre Face

For All Formulas, Circular Shape, Two Fibres

₹ 5,200

188S Small Duo Fibre Face

For All Formulas, Flat-Topped, Two Fibres

₹ 4,100

116S Blush

For Powders, Chiseled Sides, Shades Cheeks

₹ 3,700

130S Short Duo Fibre

For All Formulas, FlatTopped, Two Fibres

₹ 5,200

190 Synthetic Foundation Brush

For Foundation, Paddle-Shaped, Shades Face

₹ 3,500
MRP inclusive of all taxes |19 cm
₹ 3,500
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Brush Cleanser

Cleansing, Conditions Brushes

₹ 1,150